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Heat and Temperature Difference Essay Example

Heat and Temperature Difference Essay Example Heat and Temperature Difference Essay Heat and Temperature Difference Essay Heat and Temperature Difference BY abevl 23 Name: Date: Student Exploration: Heat Transfer by Conduction Vocabulary: conduction, convection, insulate, radiation, thermal conductor, thermal energy, thermal insulator Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo. ) Suppose two frying pans have been left on the stove with the burners on. One of the frying pans has a metal handle and the other has a wooden handle. 1 . Which handle do you think you could safely touch? 2. Why do you think one handle will be cooler than the other? Gizmo Warm-up Heat, also called thermal energy, can be transmitted through space (radiation), by oving fluids (convection), or through direct contact. This final method, called conduction, is explored in the Heat Transfer by Conduction Gizmow. To begin, check that Aluminum is selected. Select the BAR CHART tab and turn on Show numerical values. 1. What is the initial temperature of each beaker? Beaker A 95 Beaker B 5 2. Click Play ([pic]) and observe. A. What happens to the temperature of Beaker A over time? Beaker a goes down over time. B. wnat nappens to tne temperature 0T Beaker B over time? Beaker D goes up. 3. Why do you think the temperatures of Beaker A and Beaker B changed as they did? Because of conduction. I Aactivity A: [pic] I Get the Gizmo ready: I Click Reset ([pic]). I I Measuring heat transfer I Check that Aluminum is selected. Question: How does the temperature difference between two containers relate to the rate of temperature change? 1 . Observe: Select the GRAPH tab and press Play. Wait until the temperatures of the two beakers are both close to 50 oc, and use the zoom out button ([pic]) to see the whole graph. Sketch the graph in the space at right. What does the graph show about the rate of temperature change over time? 2. Form hypothesis: How do you think the temperature difference between the eakers relates to the rate of heat transfer? 3. Gather data: Select the TABLE tab. Click Reset, and then click Play. Click Pause ([pic]) every 100 seconds (does not have to be exact). Each time you click Pause, record the temperature of each beaker and their temperature difference in the table below. (To find the temperature difference, subtract the temperature of beaker B from that of beaker A. ) I Ilme (s) I Beaker A temp. I Beaker B temp. difference (oc) 1 1100s I poos 1 1400s 1 1600s (Aactivity A continued on next page) Aactivity A (continued from previous page) lemp. . Calculate: At each time, what is the sum of the temperatures in each beaker? 5. Apply: In this simulation, the beakers are perfectly insulated. This mearns that no thermal energy (heat) is lost to the outside environment. If the beakers were not perfectly insulated, how do you think the sum of their temperatures would change over time? Explai n. 6. Compare: Compare the temperature changes in the 0-100 second interval to the 500-600 second interval. First, record the temperature difference at the start of each interval. Then, calculate how much the temperature in each beaker changed during the interval. I Value 10-100 s interval 1500-600 s interval I emperature OITTerence at tne sta I interval IChange in Beaker A temperature IChange in Beaker B temperature tne time 7. Analyze: How does the rate of temperature change depend on the temperature difference between the two beakers? 8. Think and discuss: Why do you think the rate of temperature change does not stay constant over time? If possible, discuss your answer with your teacher and classmates. I Aactivity B: I I Conductors and insulators ISelect the TABLE tab. Introduction: Materials that allow heat to pass through easily are called thermal conductors. Materials that resist the transfer of heat are called thermal insulators. Questlon: wnlcn materlals are tne Dest conductors? wnlcn are tne worst conductors? 1. Predict: In the Gizmo, you can use aluminum, copper, steel, or glass to connect the two insulated beakers. A. Which material do you think will be the best thermal conductor? B. Which material do you think will be the best thermal insulator? 2. Gather data: With Aluminum selected, click Play. Click Pause after about 200 simulated seconds. Record the temperature of each beaker at 200 seconds. Next, calculate the temperature change of Beaker A. Repeat with each material to complete the table. I Material I Beaker A temp. at Beaker A temp. change (oc) seconds (oc) 3. Analyze: What does your data indicate? I Beaker B temp. at 1200 seconds (oc) I IAIuminum I ICopper I Glass 1200 4. Classify: Which materials would you classify as thermal conductors, and which would you classify as an insulator? Which material was the best thermal conductor? Thermal conductors: Thermal insulator: Best thermal conductor: Apply: A good Trying pan wlll transTer neat qulcKly Trom tne stove Durner to tne food. Based on the results of the Gizmo, which material would be best for frying pans? Why?

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Staffing Professional Essays

Staffing Professional Essays Staffing Professional Essay Staffing Professional Essay A staffing professional engaged in the human resources department to meet, interview, and assess applicants, fundamental to the work is the proper representation of the organization’s best interest. This is crucial to the work since this is part of staffing process. It is at the outset that the company’s interests are best clarified and presented. It is so important that a person employed as a staffing professional must possess enough insight to the ethical implications of his/her every dealing. In some firms, certain questions have to be asked if unsure of certain transactions. For example, queries such as: â€Å"Is it legal?† â€Å"Does it comply with the Code of Ethics and with the policies that apply to the situation?† and â€Å"How will it affect others – consumers, competitors, shareholders, other employees, agencies or the community, and you?† (The Allstate Corporation, 2007). This only means that the necessity is laid upon the staffing professional to represent clearly the best interests of the organization. The efficiency and quality of the production’s work force depend so much on him/her. The nature of the work also presupposes that it sees through the nature of any given situation, finding out what is to be done, which expertise/skills are needed, and apply the necessary tools and methods available to meet the demands and thus accomplish the task effectively for the organization’s interests. Of course, there are negative consequences if this is not done properly. One obvious result is that the overall effect is detrimental to the company in general. Another is that, when the staffing professional engages in unethical behavior and questionable dealings (such as implied in the questions earlier) and does not abide by the rules of the, he or she will be liable to the law and must face the consequences of his/her behavior.

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Ensuring a Creative and Innovative Workforce Essay

Ensuring a Creative and Innovative Workforce - Essay Example The recent shift from industrial to knowledge economies has been rapid and abrupt, leading to a series of novel discoveries and innovation in various fields across all sectors of the economy, thereby drastically increasing the significance of creating and developing a highly creative workforce. The fact that innovation is the key to human survival, has been reasserted over the years, with a wide range of creative and innovative ideas being generated and applied for human consumption. Companies today rate creativity and innovation as highly essential pre-requisite of strategies, designed to achieve their organizational goals. Various challenges can be overcome and addressed through sheer creativity, which are faced by the 21st century, such as global warming and sustainable economic development to name a few. Organizational creativity is one of the most promising issues, which is now being probed by managers and leaders, and its relevance and significance is acknowledged by the emerge nce in the recent decades. Definitions: Creativity is defined as the development of novel and useful ideas (Hemlin et al., in Mumford, 2011). According to Plucker et al., (2004) the term creativity is defined as "...the interaction among aptitude, process, and environment by which an individual or group produces a perceptible product that is both novel and useful as defined within a social context". According to Ford (1995) "Creativity is a context specific, subjective judgment of the novelty and value of an outcome of an individual's or a collective's behavior (West, 1997, Pp. 2). Innovation in generic terms refers to the development and application of novel ideas, products or services, or technologies in an organization. According to Van de Ven (1986) the process of innovation is defined as "the development and implementation of new ideas by people who over time engage in transactions with others within an institutional context. This definition is sufficiently general to apply to a wide variety of technical, product, process, and administrative kinds of innovations. From a managerial viewpoint, to understand the process of innovation is to understand the factors that facilitate and inhibit the development of innovations" (Sisaye, 2001, Pp. 105). In a nutshell, the concept of creativity entails the application of a mental as well as a social process which is fuelled by an insight regarding the future demands and requirements of consumers, and generating ideas and concepts in response to the meet the requirements of the same. Innovation on the other hand, refers to the successful application of the said ideas and concepts with a view to generate profitable outcomes. In order to successfully create and develop innovative products and ideas, it is essential for the management to hire and recruit a highly creative workforce and develop a highly productive workforce by encouraging creativity and innovation within organizations. Significance and relevance of the co ncepts as applied to organizations: Creativity is the first step or foundation of innovation, which can be achieved through the successful implementation of the creative ideas generated by the talented workforce. Innovation is one of the crucial and inevitable elements of organizational success, more so in the highly advanced society, which is practically driven

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Single European Payment Area Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Single European Payment Area - Essay Example The Single Euro Payment System an electronic payment system in the euro zone countries. The banking industry in the European Union came up with the idea having the first Single Euro Payment Area products launched in January 2008. The Single Euro Payment Area, simply called SEPA, is an electronic system that eases the electronic payment all across the Euro zone by the use of credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer or direct debit. The electronic system will make it easy for tourist from and within the European Union, access their money as if they are in their domestic country (Anamaria and Ghiba, 2). The Single Euro Payment Area is highly supported by the EC and ECB. This is because of its significance to financial institutions and their client. The European Payment Commission, which represents the European banking industry, the European Central Bank and the European Commission all have a common vision and goals in the execution of the SEPA. The European Payment Commission uses the industry’s self-regulations to improve and promote the Single Euro Payment Area. This is done by defining common positions for core payment services within a competitive market place. The EPC is also accountable for providing strategic guidance for standardization and provide or in some cases formulate the best practices and support while monitoring the implementations of made decisions (Anamaria and Ghiba, 2). The EPC has fabricated new product schemes for direct debts and credit transfers and a structured framework for payment cards. The EPC represent the whole European financial industry as the members are from banking associations and banks from the EU member states. This assures that all the credit institution, regardless of its size, within the European market has a say in the implementation process of SEPA. The European Central Bank played a substantial role in the implementation of

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The Role of Women in Igbo Society Essay Example for Free

The Role of Women in Igbo Society Essay Women’s role in Things fall apart. Igbo women reveals itself to be prematurely simplistic as well as limiting, once the reader uncovers the diverse roles of the Ibo women throughout the novel. An excellent example of powerful women in the Ibo village is found in the role they play in the Ibo religion. The women routinely perform the role of priestess. The narrator recalls that during Okonkwos boyhood, the priestess in those days was woman called Chika. She was full of the power of her god, and she was greatly feared (17). The present priestess is Chielo, the priestess of Agbala, the Oracle of the hill and the Caves (49). There is an episode during which Chielo has come for Okonkwo and Ekwefis daughter Ezinma. We are told, Okonkwo pleaded with her to come back in the morning because Ezinma was now asleep. But Chielo ignored what he was trying to say and went on shouting that Agbala wanted to see his daughter . . . The priestess screamed. Beware, Okonkwo! she warned (101). There is no other point in the novel in which we see Okonkwo plead with anyone, male or female, for any reason. We witness a woman not only ordering Okonkwo to give her his daughter, but threatening him as well. The fact that Okonkwo allows this is evidence of the priestesss power. The ability of a woman to occupy the role of a priestess, a spiritual leader, reveals a clear degree of reverence for women being present in Igbo society. Another example of such reverence for women is unveiled in the representation of the earth goddess, Ani. Ani is described a playing a greater part in the life of the people than any other deity. She was the ultimate judge of morality and conduct. in Chapter fourteen, when Okonkwo returns to his mothers clan after being exiled from the Ibo village. Uchendu, reproaching Okonkwo for his sorrow about having to come to live with his mothers clan, explains: Its true that a child belong to its father. But when a father beats his child Upon delving beneath this deceiving surface, one can see that the women of the clan hold some very powerful positions: spiritually as the priestess, symbolically as the earth goddess, and literally as the nurturers of the Ibo people, the caretakers of the yam crops and the mothers and educators of the Ibo children.

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Life, Death, and Frankenstein Essay -- Frankenstein Essays

Life, Death, and Frankenstein Since I spent last weekend in Vancouver attending the funeral of a beloved aunt who died on Good Friday, you could say that I've been pondering a lot about death and dying lately. It didn't help either that I chose to bring my copy of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein with me to read on the plane rides there and back, seeing as this story deals with the creation of a new form of life and the deaths that result from it. Being in this rather morbid frame of mind, I decided for this commentary just to take a closer examination of life and death as contained within the kind of gothic narrative of this early science-fiction horror story. It's almost like a Yin-Yang pairing between the two: Victor controls the ability to create Life (an ability that is usually looked on as being feminine) through his scientific and medical knowledge, and the Creature controls the ability to create Death (an ability usually looked on as being masculine) through his incredible strength and physical abilities. But although the Yin-Yang of Taoist thought brings harmony to the universe, this pairing of light and dark brings nothing but destruction to those it touches. So, in Frankenstein, I suppose you could divide the death into two different categories, both centered around Victor: Life from Death, and Death from Life. "To examine the causes of life," Victor tells us through Captain Walton, "we must first have recourse to death." And so he does. After Victor discovers the secret to creating life (what it is we are never told, but if you're inclined to believe the various cinematic treatments of the story, it seems to involve lightening storms and complicated machines), he decides to put this to use and see if he can play... ...ankenberry Cereal available for sale, with cartoonish pictures of Boris Karloff smiling on the front. While they may hold opposing powers of Life and Death respectively, in the end, it is as though neither of these two characters is left with any life between them. Everyone Victor has loved is dead because of the attacks inflicted by his creation. The Creature is not accepted by society because of the appearance given to him by his creator. Neither of them having anything left to live for; they engage in a chase up to the high Arctic where the Creature and the body of his creator disappear into the night. With each of them trying to out-manoeuvre the other, each destroys what his opposite desires the most. In this Life from Death, nothing can lead a true existence. Works Cited: Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein (1818 ed.). New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 1996.

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The Use of Metaphors, Repetition of Words and Biblical References in Obama’s Speech of Inauguration Based on “Analyzing Political Discourses” Theory and Practice by Paul Chilton

The use of metaphors, repetition of words and biblical references in Obama’s speech of inauguration based on â€Å"Analyzing Political Discourses† Theory and Practice by Paul Chilton Number of Words: 2589 Introduction: Political discourses are made to impress, persuade and to underline ideas to change a country. Politicians use specialized writers to write for them their discourses or use a lot of time to write one, as political discourses are important for the future outcome. For example: To be voted by the people or explain bad situation on an adequate way so that the people don’t offended.To achieve this goal, several methods are used. But in this essay I will focus on metaphors, the repetition of specified words and the use of Biblical references, using methods given by Paul Chilton in his book â€Å"Analyzing Political Discourse, Theory and Practice†. As experimental territory I used the inaugural speech of Barrack Obama, which he used for his first c andidature to become the president of the United States of America. The Speech by Barrack Obama can be found in the Appendix. My goal is not only to see what and how he used the methods but also what goal he tried to achieve.It is important to have some background information and what the people thought of him. As for America and other parts in the world, Obama stands for a new ideology, he promises America better healthcare, the end of the War and solutions to many problems, always emphasizing that this goal can only achieved as a team/nation but does he succeed to give us this image? What tricks did he use? What is a metaphor? Metaphors are used in political discourses to replace words that the audience doesn’t want to hear or could react badly. But what is a metaphor?In literary use, a metaphor (from the Greek: metapherin rhetorical trope)[1] is defined as an indirect comparison between two or more subjects that are typically linked by a â€Å"is a† to join the two subjects. As an example we can take following sentence: † This Man is a beast â€Å". This is an elliptical form to emphasize the sentence that the Man is like a beast. Paul Chilton is the opinion that, Metaphors, qua models of political realities, as he calls them, are part of political discourses of today and used as vehicles to bring an opinion to a target. [2] We realize now that all of us speak in metaphors whether we realize it or not.For example Mark Johnson, a philosopher, suggests that metaphors not only make our thoughts more vivid and interesting but that they actually structure and individualize our perceptions and understanding such that each person has a different understanding and thoughts about a common subject. [3] Metaphor is for many people a device of poetic and rhetorical imagination and development rather than the ordinary language, which is wrong as proven above. Metaphor analysis in Barrack Obama’s Speech: In the following points I will reveal s everal metaphors Obama used and will try to reveal why he used them.But also the Biblical references used as a metaphor, or as a bridge to transfer his Ideas. 1. CHANGE IS A MOVEMENT Citation out of the Speech: 1) â€Å"Forty-four Americans have now taken the presidential oath. The words have been spoken during rising tides of prosperity and the still waters of peace. â€Å" 2) â€Å"The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works – whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified. Where the answer is yes, we intend to move forward. Where the answer is no, programs will end. †In the first citation â€Å"rising tides† and â€Å"still waters† are used as source domains, whereas the target domain is the word â€Å"prosperity† and â€Å"peace†. As it can be seen in the phrases: â€Å"rising tides of prosperity† and â€Å"the still waters of peace† here, the movement is a change of location (rising) or a stationary moment (still). If it involves a movement as change of location, it can be associated with the words: forward, backward, upward, downward, etc†¦ so different directions and movements. The â€Å"rising tide of prosperity† can be seen as a state of prosperity that has moved and is changing, while peace has still not changed.This movement of which Obama is talking about can also be seen as a: flow of natural force (â€Å"the rising tides†) and substance (â€Å"still waters†). In the metaphorical expression in citation 2) the part which acts as source is the phrase â€Å"We intend to move forward† and â€Å"programs will end† where Obama is talking about the ideas of the US-government to provide jobs and a better social warranty. [4] In both metaphorical expressions, I think Obama wants to tell us that all presidents of America had taken the presidenti al oath to develop America.All of their effort had the aim of raising economic development and prosperity and that all of these can only be achieved as a nation with a strong political support from the people. So, the â€Å"WE† as a nation, which he uses a lot in his speeches. 2. POLITIC IS A JOURNEY 1) This is the journey we continue today. We remain the most prosperous, powerful nation on Earth. 2) Our journey has never been one of short cuts or settling for less. It has not been the path for the faint-hearted – for those who prefer leisure to work, or seek only the pleasures of riches and fame.Rather, it has been the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things – some celebrated but more often men and women obscure in their labor, which have carried us up the long, rugged path towards prosperity and freedom. In the metaphorical expression of the first citation the part which acts as a source domain is the phrase: â€Å"This is the journey we continue todayâ €  whereas the focus of the citation is the American Political life. By saying the sentence â€Å"This is the journey we continue today† gave me the impression that the American people are compared to travelers having a journey to a certain destination.Even though we know that politics is no journey as such but can be seen as such in a metaphorical way. In the metaphorical expression of the second citation the part that interacts as source is the phrase â€Å"Our journey has never been one of short-cuts or settling for less. It has not been the path for the faint-hearted† whereas the target is also the American political life, like in the first citation with another connotation but keeping the idea of a journey in mind. We can see that in both citations have the same idea of a journey which is given to the audience.The idea behind is that the audiences who are involved in political life are like travelers on a journey, with their common need in life seen as the goal of this journey. The political activities and relation is their vehicle used to reach the goal of common interest. [5] 3. BIBLICAL REFERANCES AS A LIFESTYLE The citations I used here are taken again in a separate chapter using the theoretical rapprochement given by Paul Chilton in part III chapter 10. 1)â€Å"We remain a young nation, but, in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things. † 2) â€Å"Love is patient, love is kind.It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. † In the 1st citation the source domain given is the phrase â€Å"time has come to set aside childish things† where he targets the lifestyle of the Americans. It gives the impression that the fights they had about poli tical problems are childish and that they should focus to strive a common goal.In the second citation he uses the same idea, again using a citation out of a religious text using as source domain â€Å"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking† like before the target is the lifestyle of the Americans which Obama criticizes. It is clear that through these citations Obama tries to reason the population quoting biblical references. Comparing America with childhood and telling them that through love only, again the idea of working together, all goals can be achieved.I wont go deeper into this comparison as I will come back to it later on in the text. Frequency of words: To see what words Obama used in his speech frequently and how many times we had to know how many words are in his whole speech, which lies around 2403 words. As such I was able to give the percentage of the most used words. The word O bama laid the most emphasizes is â€Å"WE† which he used 62 times, which can be understood as his speech is about working together as a nation and is also a word used in his slogan: â€Å"Yes WE can†. Other words he used frequently are:[6] KeywordRepeatsDensity Nation 12 0,50 New 11 0,46America 9 0,37 Today 7 0,29 People 7 0,29 The repetition of these words sticks with the listeners as such the listener will always remember this words and will combine them with the discourse of Obama. As for mind manipulation it is the repetition that stays in our mind. [7]When we are learning or looking at advertisements or when we are learning a song, we always repeat them until we know them by heart. In the case of marketing the advertisements are kept easy and shown more than one so that they stick in our minds and when we have to choose between two product we will chose the one we â€Å"know† or that we can remember of.The same is in political discourses. The more often it is repeated the more we will remember them and believe them. In Obama’s case using the words Nation, New etc†¦ he tries to underline the idea of freshness in the United States and that it can only work as a NATION. As all presidents the repetition of AMERICA, motivates the American listeners and they feel directly talked to, strengthening also the bond between the people and the nation. Paul Chilton underlines in his book that discourses often use a container concept, which is created by the words used.This container ideology is divided in three structures: in interior and a exterior which are defined by a boundary which are formed in political discourses to a container- nation with political borders given by the speech. As such it is able for politicians to give the fault to others, outside of the container while securing the interior of the container. Analysis of Biblical references Apparently it is customary in American political discourse to employ biblical language[ 8], which is an inherent part of the old American public way of speaking.However, given that Obama is a non-traditional and liberal candidate for president,[9] it is even more interesting to analyze the biblical references he used and give possible explanations why used following citations for his speech. â€Å"We remain a young nation, but, in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things. † Obama quoted here, the New Testament, 1 Corinthians 13:11, dealing with St. Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth.The goal he tried to achieve of this particular example is to also aims at the Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and non-believing Americans, to include them too into the speech, for it is a text that is usually read at wedding ceremonies and is not specified to one religion specifically, as it speaks about true love in the following manner: â€Å"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is n ot self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes an always perseveres.Love never fails. † (1 Corinthians, 13:4) â€Å"When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. † (1 Corinthians, 13:11) These Letters were written by St. Paul to the church in Corinth in the times of internal struggles and divisions in the church, and when the church was hreatened by immoral influences surrounding the community. St. Paul’s letter was a letter of criticism and implorement to the Corinthians to stop the arguing and fighting around different problems and embrace, what he called, the most important virtue: love. [10] The choice of this particular biblical reference could be perceived as Obama’s attempt to spread the ideology of love â€Å"loving thy neighbor† so that the American people can embrace a notion of racial inclusiveness and ideological diversity, necessary in the time of economic and international crises.Again we can find the idea of a â€Å"WE†. Conclusion: It is now obvious that Paul Chilton theory can be applied. We can see that it is the play together of the different methods and many more make a discourse unique and manipulative. But it is important to know in which context the discourse has been written as the context can change the words, emotions and message in a political discourse. In Obama’s speech we can find the concept of pragmatism, liberalism, inclusiveness, acceptance of religious and ethnic diversity and unity. As such the result of keywords of hi s run for presidency.This is shown by the prominent words employed by Obama: nation, new and America, and a overall dominance of the personal pronoun We understood as necessary in the time of national peril†¦ The results of the biblical references, which Paul Chilton explains as â€Å"only† way to motivate and capture America’s population, have shown that Obama’s choice of citations (quoting the Corinthians) was to strengthen the notion of unity and brotherly love among the various members of the American diverse society. As such we can see that his methods were well used and can be found by the methods of Paul Chilton.Obama stands for his candidature through his speech and ideology, world wide as a new wind for America that will rebuild and strengthen the country. And we have to remember that Obama is the first president that has been accepted as young and black person as president. Sources Primary source: Analyzing Political Discourse, Theory and Practice , Paul Chilton, Routledge, 2004 Bibliography: – Article Discourse Society January 1993 vol. 4 no. 1 7-31 : Metaphor in Political Discourse: The Case of the `Common European House' by Paul Chilton and Mikhail Ilyin Moral Imagination: Implications of Cognitive Science for Ethics, University of Chicago, 1993. Secondary Sources: – University of Louisville, Article by Judith D. Fischer: http://www. law. louisville. edu/node/2720 – Online Document, Critical Discourse Analysis by Juraj Harvath: https://docs. google. com/viewer? a=v=cache:j-4vhWbO6a8J:www. pulib. sk/elpub2/FF/Ferencik2/pdf_doc/6. pdf+=de=lu=bl=ADGEESgDn7GSv6cJcZ6acGq5vk-rpp0mNE_qyGy5vUUCMEdg4d1M9efiWLiSgl3CRzYChNf3gQkZQ-saUZib0C5oBU-XVpDkee3pDul94RL3VlIR6nWc4j-OIJTNBkD9oZuSmxh4ybhM=AHIEtbRfcX_PIha4KZfnvwVFTzxPnRNSDA – Obama, the Lion in Winter: ttp://www. exec-comms. com/blog/2009/01/20/obama-the-lion-in-winter/ -5 Speechwriting Lessons from Obama’s Inaugural Speech by Andrew Dlugan: http: //sixminutes. dlugan. com/inauguration-speech-analysis-barack-obama-inaugural/ – Online Document: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Barack Obama’s Speeches By Junling Wang: https://docs. google. com/viewer? a=v=cache:HzMPBXpzbW8J:ojs. academypublisher. com/index. php/jltr/article/download/0103254261/1807+=de=lu=bl=ADGEEShaYaCyse11UxuFQk1KY0Zb0oOh15Ng1vgnuIdLSpdkL4Ia5nqoDh1DV-aO46J-bKQV9Fyfc3mz1MrZ5VTIrAnm85bmHXzt4cJZgNLYXFeuExE4wl1-SjUvUuEWd78WR0jiI5aV=AHIEtbT3Yd_sOMwtzg1_LtcSsaQh2FbYGw – Wikipedia article about metaphors: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Metaphor visited on 21 November 2012 – St Paul’s Letters: http://biblescripture. net/1Corinthians. html Apendix: The whole speech of Obama can be found on BBC: http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/americas/obama_inauguration/7840646. stm ———————– [1] http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Metaphor, visited on 21 November 2012 [2] Paul Chilton, Analyzing politi cal discourses, Page 49 [3] Moral Imagination: Implications of Cognitive Science for Ethics, University of Chicago, 1993. 4] Obama, the Lion in Winter: http://www. exec-comms. com/blog/2009/01/20/obama-the-lion-in-winter/ [5] Paul Chilton, Analyzing political discourses, Page 51 [6] Statistics taken out of: Critical discourse analysis by Juraj Harvath (controlled by myself again) [7] A Critical Discourse Analysis of Barack Obama’s Speeches By Junling Wang [8] Paul Chilton, Analyzing political discourses, Page 174 [9] Obama, the Lion in Winter: http://www. exec-comms. com/blog/2009/01/20/obama-the-lion-in-winter/ [10] St Paul’s Letters: http://biblescripture. net/1Corinthians. html

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Managing High Performance Work Teams

Relationship to ManagementIn order to facilitate optimal efficiency in an organization, there are a lot of factors to consider first like the financial stability, economic and market stability, and internal stability. As for the scope of this paper, all of the discussion will give emphasis on the role of internal stability on the success of an organization.  Internal stability may originate on how well the key persons of an organization work with respect to one another, like for instance, the organizational structure or the type of managerial strategy that is being implemented by the management.Actually, there are two approaches in managing an organization namely: first, letting the employees to use their creativity in handling various situations concerning the company without the supervision from the top officials; and the existence of a manager to supervise and delegate task to the employees. From the said two management approaches, it is the former which is more efficient and ef fective especially if the employees has enough skills and responsible enough to handle various tasks concerning the entire organization. In this regard, the idea of High Performance Work Teams arises.High Performance Work Team is basically comprises of two or more individuals working together in order to attain specific goals or objectives (Barkman, 1993). Oftentimes, this type of groups works independently without the need of supervision coming from any of the top officials for they have enough skills and talents to almost handle the tasks of a manager. Moreover, this kind of group has the ability to perform at the highest level even for an extended period of time.Most of the organization nowadays uses High Performance Work Team in order to manage an organizational conflict which concerns various department of an organization or just to maintain and develop good working relationship among members. Just like what has been discussed a while ago, High Performance Work Team can almost take the place of a manager since the group can even handle the facilitation of meetings and develop goals and plans. This is how flexible High Performance Work Team is.On the other hand, effective leadership also plays a vital role for the attainment of harmonious working environment and relationship among the members of the organization (Bolen, 2001). Leaders are the one responsible for delegating the task and solicit ideas from its members and collaborating those ideas into a more efficient and effective ideas. It is also the leaders who take the initiative to influence its members to perform their responsibilities and the one responsible for motivating all the members of the organization.Furthermore, one of the qualities that a leader must posses would be the ability to determine long term opportunities in order to provide the organization sustainable development (Clark, 2007). In other words, a leader must visualize the future of the organization and do not just focus on what i s currently at hand in the short run. Short run goals are being handled by a manager but when it comes to visualizing the long term welfare of the organization it is the job of a leader.In this regard, it is clear that a leader and a great manager, may it be an individual or a group of people like High Performance Work Team, plays a vital role on the stability and success of the organization at present and in the near future. This is the reason why they are very important key person in the management team of an organization for they are the one who drives the entire organization towards the attainment of their set goals and objectives.Pioneer Sector/sActually both private and government sector already implements High Performance Work Team; but it is the private sector that pioneered High Performance Work Place General Electric, Kraft Foods and Exelon. In the U.S. alone, High Performance Work Team gain acceptance in the corporate world during the 1980s when Boeing, Digital Equipment Corporation [presently known as HP] among others, adopted the said managerial strategy.With the said implementation of High Performance Work Team to the said identified organization, there exist major changes happened especially in organizational culture and merging of the goals of the organization with the social needs of the individuals. In just a few years after High Performance Work Team was presented to the corporate world, it already reached quantum leap in business result in the entire key success dimension together with the customer, employee, shareholder and operational value added dimensions.On the other hand, there is no exact date when effective leadership was really started entering into the idealism of the corporate world. But one thing is for sure, it is not only in the private sector where effective leadership is being implemented, even in the government sector it is also being widely used.Successful Company through HPWTOne of the possible organizations that successf ully mastered High Performance Work Team will be the Kraft Foods. At present, Kraft Foods leads the industry of branded foods and beverages locally and internationally. With its strategy of exploring the international market during the years wherein the domestic market was already becoming saturated, Kraft Foods was able to boost its profitability and market influence.Moreover, in order to successfully penetrate their target market, Kraft Foods entered merging, buy other food companies in the industry, and make partnership with other food companies from other countries. This market entrance strategy works well so far for the company based on their market position and influence.Because of the diversity caused by the identified market entry strategy of Kraft Foods can hinder the attainment of optimal efficiency and effectiveness of the entire personnel of the company, the Kraft Foods executives resulted to implementing High Performance Work Team which was comprised by representatives from different departments of a given branch of Kraft Foods to resolve diversity conflict and simplify the organizational structure in such a way wherein all of the employees of the company can work in harmony with one another.Diversity related issues and complexity of the organizational structure of Kraft Foods caused inefficiency in executing various operational procedures and strategies of the company as well as the depreciation of the performance of every employee due to their diversity (, 2005) and (Hopkins, 2005). The reason why the members of the High Performance Work Team of Kraft Foods came from the different departments of the company was to be able to have equal representation of voices of various groups of individual working in the company so that at the end of the day, whatever the solution will the High Performance Work Team arrive every welfare and interest was put into consideration.True enough, by the start of 2005, the efficiency and effectiveness o f Kraft Foods improved which can be seen on the profitability level of the company and the fact rate of its expansion in the market which made the company among the top multinational companies around the globe. With the simplification of the organizational structure and solving the diversity related problems of the company through the use of High Performance Work Team, business transaction has been executed faster and the harmonious working relationship among the members of the company provide enough motivation for every employee to perform their task to their full potential.On the other hand, the CEO of Kraft Foods, Irene Rosenfeld, was able to provide the company sustainable growth by the time the domestic market started to become saturated to their product line and visualizes the entry of the company to the international market. In this regard, the effective leadership comes into the picture of Kraft Foods’ success for the past years.Not only this, Rosenfeld was able to sp ot the diversity related issue problem and immediately find a solution to the said organizational conflict which is one of the tasks of a leader for an effective leadership of its members. With the existence of Rosenfeld to Kraft Foods, there is no doubt that the company successfully implemented not only High Performance Work Team but also the Effective Leadership.ReferencesBolen, M. (2001). Effective Leadership. Retrieved March 18, 2008, from$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex1334Clark, D. (2007). Concepts of Leadership. Retrieved March 18, 2008, from (2005). Kraft Foods Announces Additional Simplification Initiatives. Retrieved March 18, 2008, from

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CanGo’s Issues and Recommendation Essay Example

CanGo’s Issues and Recommendation Essay Example CanGo’s Issues and Recommendation Essay CanGo’s Issues and Recommendation Essay CanGo’s Issues and Recommendation Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: CanGo’s Issues and Recommendation 1. Can Go should write an effective mission statement or a value statement. This promotes the business in providing it with direction and a strategic vision. The statement should be revised every five or so years to give it a push forward and to make new goals and objectives. The Goals and objectives should be the company’s guiding feature in formulating the mission statement. This can be done by first listing down the firm’s core and unique strengths and weaknesses. The type of the company’s primary customers, both internal and external, should then be listed. A review of how the customers relate to the firm’s strengths should then be done. After this, a short description of the findings should then be written. This should encompass what the customer is interested in the company for, how he is satisfied and if he acknowledges the company for his satisfaction. The customer-strength pairing outcomes that are similar should then be combined and the outcomes should be listed in their order of relevance to the firm. After this is done, the top three to five statements should be combined into a paragraph. This should be done by listing in order the most relevant to the least relevant statements to the firm and then taking the top five. The paragraph shall become the new company mission statement and consultations could be done with the customers to confirm if they would want to conduct business with a company with that mission. Employees of the firm should also be brought in the loop and they should be able to understand, support and act on the statement. If Can Go Company does this it shall have a good mission and vision statement. 2. The Can Go Company should also develop a good strategic management process. Since the manager or proprietor of the company has an idea of what they want their strategy to be they should document the strategy and document it. From here the strategy should be translated into actionable terms. After this a business plan should be created. The plan should state the strategies of the firm and the actions the firm plans to carry out to achieve the strategies. Objectives, aggressive but attainable targets, actionable metrics and initiatives to boost performance should then be identified and included in the plan. A performance score sheet should then be developed. This should be accompanied by a process that enables the deliberations on progress in comparison to the strategy. This should be implemented in all sections and departments of the company. This should then be reviewed periodically, preferably after every month. Incentives and rewards should then be linked to the strategy of the company. This ensures that the desired behaviors are maintained and a competitive attitude towards performance is achieved. Budgets and investments should then be linked to the strategy. This enables the strategy to achieve completeness. This is because it is supported by the economic resources of the firm. With the budget and the capital investments of the firm supporting the strategy, it is placed as the most important part of the company, which it should as it leads to the success of the company. The Can Go Company should implement these steps in order. This should make their company change and use a lot of its resources but the benefits of this are long te rm and will be enjoyed many years to come.

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The 5 Canons of Classical Rhetoric

The 5 Canons of Classical Rhetoric The classical Canons of Rhetoric specify the components of the communication act: inventing and arranging ideas, choosing and delivering clusters of words, and maintaining in memory a storehouse of ideas and repertoire of behaviors. . .  This breakdown is not as facile as it looks. The Canons have stood the test of time. They represent a legitimate taxonomy of processes. Instructors [in our own time] can situate their pedagogical strategies in each of the Canons.(Gerald M. Phillips et al., Communication Incompetencies: A Theory of Training Oral Performance Behavior. Southern Illinois University Press, 1991) As defined by the Roman philosopher Cicero and the unknown author of Rhetorica ad Herennium, the canons of rhetoric are these five overlapping divisions of the rhetorical process: Invention  (Latin, inventio; Greek, heuresis)Invention is the art of finding the appropriate arguments in any rhetorical situation. In his early treatise De Inventione (c. 84 B.C.), Cicero defined invention as the discovery of valid or seemingly valid arguments to render ones cause probable. In contemporary rhetoric, invention generally refers to a wide variety of research methods and discovery strategies. But to be effective, as Aristotle demonstrated 2,500 years ago, invention must also take into consideration the needs, interests, and background of the audience.Arrangement  (Latin, dispositio; Greek, taxis)Arrangement refers to the parts of a speech or, more broadly, the structure of a text. In classical rhetoric, students were taught the distinctive parts of an oration. Although scholars didnt always agree on the number of parts, Cicero and Quintilian identified these six: the exordium (or introduction), the narrative, the partition (or division), the confirmation, the refuta tion, and the peroration (or conclusion). In current-traditional rhetoric, arrangement has often been reduced to the three-part structure (introduction, body, conclusion) embodied by the five-paragraph theme. Style  (Latin, elocutio; Greek, lexis)Style is the way in which something is spoken, written, or performed. Narrowly interpreted, style refers to word choice, sentence structures, and figures of speech. More broadly, style is considered a manifestation of the person speaking or writing. Quintilian identified three levels of style, each suited to one of the three primary functions of rhetoric: the plain style for instructing an audience, the middle style for moving an audience, and the grand style for pleasing an audience.Memory  (Latin, memoria; Greek, mneme)This canon includes all the methods and devices (including figures of speech) that can be used to aid and improve the memory. Roman rhetoricians made a distinction between natural memory (an innate ability) and artificial memory (particular techniques that enhanced natural abilities). Though often disregarded by composition specialists today, memory was a crucial aspect of classical systems of rhetoric. As Frances A. Yates po ints out in The Art of Memory (1966), Memory is not a section of [Platos] treatise, as one part of the art of rhetoric; memory in the platonic sense is the groundwork of the whole. Delivery  (Latin, pronuntiato and actio; Greek, hypocrisis)Delivery refers to the management of voice and gestures in oral discourse. Delivery, Cicero said in De Oratore, has the sole and supreme power in oratory; without it, a speaker of the highest mental capacity can be held in no esteem; while one of moderate abilities, with this qualification, may surpass even those of the highest talent. In written discourse today, says Robert J. Connors, delivery means only one thing: the format and conventions of the final written product as it reaches the hands of the reader (Actio: A Rhetoric of Written Delivery in Rhetorical Memory and Delivery, 1993).   Keep in mind that the five traditional canons are interrelated activities, not rigid formulas, rules, or categories. Though originally intended as aids to the composition and delivery of formal speeches, the canons are adaptable to many communicative situations, both in speech and in writing.

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Critical Thinking Discussion Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Critical Thinking Discussion Question - Essay Example Framing a problem before offering up solutions can influence the outcome. Prior to an early morning board meeting a look out the window shows heavy snow falling. A check online at The Weather Channel shows a forecast of heavy snow for the next forty-eight hours. With this information you head down the hall to the boardroom where others are gathering. There is murmuring about the weather and the desire of many to go home. The chairman of the board enters and begins to discuss the need to draft a coordinated plan to hire contractors to build a bridge that the team designed. It is Wednesday and he wants the finished product on his desk by Friday. The others in the room are periodically glancing toward the window where they can see the snow falling. The room is quiet. The Chairman looks out the window and then back at the room full of employees. He chuckles and says: Oh yeah, grab your laptops and go home. Set up a conference call to compile your work and have it in my email box by Friday. A sigh of relief fills the room. The Chairman leaves the room followed by the team heading towards the doors with coats and laptops in hand. Problem solved! Forces of influence can change how one frames an argument and that influences the outcome.

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Faith School in UK Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Faith School in UK - Assignment Example However,the religious organization associated with it contributes to the cost of building the school and influences the running of the school. Finally, a faith school is a state-funded school in the United Kingdom that has recognized links with a religious organization, and its teachings are those stipulated in the general curriculum. A faith school usually contains a group of people who share the same religion and thoughts. There are many of these schools in the UK such as Muslim Faith School, Christian, Jewish and Hindu. Some people advocate the existence of faith schools in our society while others, who have a different point of view, claim that the government should not allow faith schools in the UK. Although state-funded faith schools are mostly run like the other state schools in the UK and are subjected to the same curriculum other than religious studies, they are free to teach their religion (Gibbons and Silva, 2006). Gibbons and Silva argue that the indoctrination of students in state-funded faith schools goes on without the state interfering. The students of such schools grow into the faith associated with the organization that sponsors the school. Faith schools generally ‘give priority to the applicants who belong to the faith of the school and are allowed to do that by some of the specific exemptions found in the section 85 of the UK Equality Act 2010’ (Equality Act, 2010). However, the law requires state-funded faith schools to admit other applicants in line with the school admissions code whenever they are unable to fill all their places with the applicants who belong to the faith of the school. In the recent past, unfair discriminatory admissions and employment policy of most faith schools have returned considerable argument due to its potential negative impacts on the social cohesion and ethnic integration. This essay will discuss whether the government should allow