Thursday, May 14, 2020

Graduation Speech My Writing - 1565 Words

Portfolio Argument Essay Throughout the semester, I was asked to summarize, respond to, analyze, and build upon the works of others.The transition from high school English to college English was an obstacle to overcome. Throughout the semester, I was given a multitude of feedback on different pieces to improve my writing. My writing drastically improved from high school to college and will continue to change in the expanse of the semester and the remainder of my college career. Through the feedback of Professor Valley and my Writing Fellow, Emily, I have improved in my writing through including more specific details, stronger vocabulary, improved organization, and being able to better identify problems in my own writing.†¦show more content†¦Also, the quote I added was not explained afterwards. The reader would not know why the quote is there. Looking at the quote now, I realize that is not correct and the quote needs to be explained in greater detail to provide the reader t he most efficient information. Knowing to add more specific details is an essential skill to enhance my writing. In my most recent paper I didn t do that as much but still left out specific details. Valley commented, â€Å"You could have clarified your points with more details and examples, but you re pretty thorough throughout.† From the feedback, I noticed how much I have strengthened my writing from simply adding in more details. From the first day of English 101 to the end of the semester, I was introduced to countless essentials for being a better writer. In my past assignments, Professor Valley commented on my paper to use stronger vocabulary. After reviewing one day in class, Ms. Valley introduced a tool to use when wanted to enhance vocabulary within a paper. She listed several words not to use often in a professional paper: it, very, my opinion, etc. When pressing â€Å"Control† and â€Å"F†, a search box appears enabling users to search for specific words. Searching words such as it, very, etc. and exchanging them with stronger vocabulary words can make a paper more professional. Then for my paper, I used the search, find, and replace method. First I searched for the common words and found thirty-four matches for the

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